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About us

Formed in May 2007, Matrix Creations is a specialist agency concentrating primarily on website design and creation.

Andy Bullock, the company’s founder, previously established and ran a New Media department within a large London based agency.

Operating with a team of 10 full time employees over a 10 year period, this department designed websites for many blue-chip clients such as Chelsea Football Club, Hilton Group, Buena Vista, Lotus Motorsport and Exchange & Mart.

Having turned his back on the rat race, and escaped to Hampshire, Andy is now able to offer a highly professional service at very competitive rates.

Why choose us? – highly competitive rates

Two special selling points for this new business are, firstly that we are operating from a low-cost base and secondly that we are able to draw upon a pool of associates for complimentary skills as and when required.

This enables us to provide our clients with a highly professional service based upon 10 years blue-chip experience and at an extremely competitive price by comparison with standard agency fees.

Why choose us? – our website creation process

Very frequently when an agency is invited to tender for a website, they will try to impress their prospective client by designing and demonstrating a superficially eye-catching home page. The problem that this approach often causes is that the detailed design of the rest of the website is constrained by the initial design concept.

At Matrix Creations, we believe that the first step in website design must be to spend time researching and analysing the client’s needs and site ambitions. The detailed design phase then follows, based upon this analysis.

Matrix Creations follow a strict tried and tested methodology when creating sites. The phases within this are as follows:

- Scoping and Discovery
- Content and Architecture
- Website Design
- Website Build

The key phases that make the difference are the Scoping & Discovery and Content & Architecture. These two elements can take up to 50% of the project timescale and really make the difference.

In the Scoping & Discovery phase, time is taken to look at the clients competitors online presence, ‘generic sites that are liked and disliked’, ‘colour ways’, layouts and styles. When this information has been gathered, a brainstorming meeting is held with the client to agree the overall concept of the site in terms of look and feel.

Then, in the Content & Architecture phase, a master flowchart for the layout of the site is created identifying the key features of each page. A schematic is also created which is an image allocating percentages of space within each page. This will indicate where the main navigation will be situated as well as allocation for common objects such as branding, banners, search this site, etc.

Carrying out these first two phases prior to entering the Website Design and Website Build processes mean the key aspects of content, colouring, attributes and layout are already determined. The site can now be designed and optimised around its more detailed requirements.

Why choose us? – milestones, deadlines & project management:

Having had 10 years of experience in developing sites with budgets ranging from £5k to over £500K, we know that good project management and the ability to meet deadlines are key considerations in the achievement of customer satisfaction.

All our projects are mapped-out using Microsoft Project prior to commencement. Each phase of the website creation is broken down into individual timescales with relevant milestones and deadlines highlighted. Roles and responsibilities are also clearly defined.

Each project is also reviewed on a risk management basis using Prince 2 methodologies and no unplanned chargeable work is carried out without prior agreement from the client.

This means that, provided there are no ‘last minute’ or ‘in-flight’ changes to the website specification, our clients can have confidence that their websites will be completed on schedule, and to budget.

To view our services, please click here or if you would like to discuss any particular projects, click here to contact us.

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